Why Have Your Teeth Become So Sensitive? Key Causes You Should Know

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If your teeth are sensitive, you will find it difficult to eat or drink certain foods and beverages, brush, or floss. Any attempt will cause sharp pain in the teeth. So, how does this occur? Mostly, tooth sensitivity occurs for various reasons. Here are some of the notable reasons why you may have sensitive teeth.

You Often Grind Your Teeth

Although the enamel is naturally strong, it can get worn out when you grind your teeth repeatedly. Grinding your teeth exposes the middle layer of the affected teeth, known as dentin. Typically, this layer has hollow tubes, which lead to your nerves. When the dentin is exposed, you will experience sensitivity issues. Therefore, if you are a tooth grinder, it would be best to inform your dentist of the problem so they can get you a mouthguard or recommend other appropriate treatments. Usually, the best mouthguards are customized to fit each patient's bite, so only buy one designed for you.

You Brush Vigorously

Your oral hygiene practices are meant to clean your teeth and protect them from harm. However, if you brush too vigorously every time or rely on a toothbrush with hard bristles, you will increase the chances of damaging your teeth's top protective layer, known as the enamel. Once the enamel deteriorates, the hollow tubes that lead to the dental nerves will be exposed.

Exposing such teeth to sticky, acidic, and extremely hot or cold foods and beverages will result in tooth sensitivity. So, use the right brush to clean your teeth daily. Also, don't use excessive force when brushing.

You Used Teeth Whitening Products

Although teeth whitening is an effective cosmetic dental treatment that can transform your smile, some mistakes can occur when you do it yourself or use the wrong teeth whitening products. This is why it's better to schedule in-clinic teeth whitening so dental experts can use the right products for your stains. However, when you buy over-the-counter products, your chances of making mistakes will be high. First, you may end up misusing the products. Besides, the products may be too strong for your teeth and damage the enamel. This will create prolonged sensitivity by exposing the nerves. For this reason, avoid using DIY whitening products to prevent potential tooth sensitivity issues.

Generally, some habits are bound to create teeth sensitivity issues, so adhere to the dentist's instructions. And if you currently have tooth sensitivity problems, schedule an appointment with a dentist immediately.